What are visitors seeing when the visit your website? Are they seeing a bunch of text? Pictures? Slideshows? Videos? The reality is that most website visitors have come to expect video when they visit a business website, and they’re right. A well crafted, strategic web video is the quickest and easiest way to introduce your business to your website visitors and potential new clients and customers.

The problem that has arisen through this expectation is in businesses doing quick, low quality video just for the sake of having video on their website. This may have been okay a few years ago, but not anymore. Internet speeds and access have progressed to the point where most users can stream video in high definition. Like it or not, your business will be judged by the quality of the video on your website, and your website in general. Everything that you present to your potential customers will be used to make a judgment about your business and the quality of your service. Cheap, low quality video will likely make an impression that you don’t want to make.

So, what do your visitors see? Do they see a strategic video presenting your business to them quickly and effectively? Do they see video at all? Let’s assume they do. What does it look like? How does it stack up to the commercials and videos that you see on television? How is the framing? How is the color? What does the audio sound like? Is it High Definition? Does the editing look professional, or is it choppy?

All of these things need to be considered when you are putting video on your website. With our help, your web videos can and should look and feel professional. We have everything that you need to produce high quality, effective web videos, no matter what their use. Whether it’s business introduction, training, informational resources, or promotional videos, we can help you craft a message that will be effective and professional, and produce beautiful, high quality video for your website.

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