Peabody Hotel Little Rock

Project Details

May 19, 2015
The Peabody Hotel, Litte Rock
Production, Cinematography, Post Production, Editing

Project Description

Light Productions produced this video in 2009 for the Peabody Hotel in Downtown Little Rock.  This video was shot over multiple days and multiple locations in and around the hotel and Downtown Little Rock.  The Peabody Hotel used this for their in house network, the program that visitors saw when they turned on the TV’s in their rooms, and playing on TV’s in their lobby.  Light Productions worked with the producer to coordinate all of the talent for this program, handled all of the production and cinematography, and the post production.

Cinematographers: Lee Burrell, Ricky Blair, Anthony May
Writer: Sheryl Lackey
Producer: Sheryl Lackey
Post Production: Anthony May

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